The HaXX team was formed on one of the few things our diverse group has in common--XX chromosomes, and a love for hacking. Drawn to improving the educational experience, we wanted to create a productivity app to give users a quantitative way to measure their success, along with a social component to facilitate connectivity among students.

What it does

Our world-renowned secret sauce algorithm inputs task title, time required for the task, and importance of the task to output an algorithm to rank the user's tasks in an easy-to-manage UI.

How we built it

2 members worked on front end dev, and 2 members worked on back end dev, including connection to database, Flask, and WTForms. Stitching together the ends happened using GITrepo and forms incorporation.

Challenges we ran into

We attempted to incorporate a hardware component, but this component did not interact well with other components to our project, so we decided to focus on making our web app as high quality as possible. Additionally, we struggled to find the time necessary to connect our amazing, fully-functional database to facets of UX like our points leaderboard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully-functioning and expedient authentication process and database.

What we learned

ngrok C# hygiene SQL Alchemy is different from normal SQL How to validate users on a webpage GITrepo workflow Delegation of backend and frontend (2 members on two teams)

What's next for LifeHaXX

Incorporate Google API to coordinate geolocation to LifeHaXX. Gain points by being in the designated location for a class during the given time for the class, and compare with friends.

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