JioLeh aims to provide a platform for gamers to communicate and interact with others during this trying time when we cannot go out to meet our friends.


As gamers, it is challenging to find fellow gamers to game with especially amidst the pandemic. It is often difficult to find friends who play the same games and go online at the same time as us. What if there was a quick and fun way to connect gamers like us online based on our profiles and interests so that we can continue enjoying our games at home during this pandemic?

What it does

JioLeh is a mobile application that connects gamers in Singapore by matching them based on their profiles and interests. The application allows gamers to join game lobbies to easily form a team and play together on their favourite video game! It also allows them to connect and chat with fellow gamers in the country. Users are connected with other gamers based on a recommendation engine, which recommends other gamers with similar schedules and interests.

What's next for JioLeh

JioLeh hopes to expand and provide more opportunities for connecting with other users for other activities such as cycling or various interest groups. We aim to build a recommendation engine that can efficiently link users based on the similarities of their profiles and interests. We also hope to add in discord API to better connect gamers.

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