LifeForce is a re-design of the marketplace website for mobile to scale and be easy. Like many developers familiar with what powerful foundations exist, I am baffled at what happened. In the Bay Area, we scale up apps to serve millions instantly. And we do it to sell shoes and with limited resources.

SOURCE CODE was 100MB: It's here

CHECK THE COOLER (unsantized) VERSION OF THE VIDEO AT: if you like and AFTER you've watched the official, shorter version.

The Lifeforce client, although presented here as an iOS iPad app, is actually mostly an HTML5 application so that it can be ported to all platforms. Services like Twilio VOIP and Push Notifications are abstracted. In fact, the same app operates in a container to create a call center client that can be synchronously bound to the consumer for VOIP help.

The major infrastructures sit on scalable Heroku Web and Worker dyno processes. Web workers pull, format, and serve healthplan information. Simulated healthcare insurers pull user anonymized information from the database (parse) to review and submit pricing. Most operations operate asynchronously so any delay doesn't interfere with client browsing or help.

Data was obtained through the government website. The data was NOT clean. Over 85,000 plans exist (they're all processed). The DEMO client is geographically constrained to a single County in Alaska - the Aleutians East Islands for now (I ran out of time to search for a better candidate). Also, plan information is Lorem Ipsum to limit liability.

Standing on the should of giants, even a small group can see far.

For any problems, seth piezas 510 551 6939

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