People get really surprised when they learn plastic cups are on the whole better for the environment than paper cups. I found this quite surprising and unfortunate that there is this whole body of knowledge out there on lifecycle analysis and other related topics that isnt making its way into the general public. Therefore, I hope through Lifecycle.AI, we are able to make LCAs easier and more accessible for everyone so that people can make the best decision.

What it does

Lifecycle.AI using natural language processing (NLP) to analyse and extract data from the several thousands of published academic papers and reports currently available to build a database of parameters and operations needed to conduct an LCA. With this database, new LCAs can be constructed readily for various processes and products.

We can then use machine learning (ML) analyse the results from the various studies studies and better understand trends at different scales e.g. has a process become more environmentally friendly over time. ML can also be used to predict how users can modify their process / product to reduce its environmental impact.

What's next for Lifecycle.AI

A first prototype

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