Every person has to struggle somewhere sometime in life. No one will get through life without it. But in our social media “connected” era, nobody admits having problems anymore! In the end, many of us are left alone, disconnected and feeling embarrassed by having problems which are very normal and "very human".

What it does

Our mission is to design a process to better cope with human challenges using personality matching and crowd-sourcing approach.

From a personality science, we know that people with similar personality types are facing similar challenges. It comes from the fact that personality types have not only strengths but also weaknesses.

For example, this is common among people who are high in "openness" (Big5-Personality Test Scale) to have a difficult time maintaining discipline and for people who are high on neuroticism to have problems with maintaining healthy diets.

What a relief would it be for those people to understand **why they are having those challenges and discover that they are not alone and that there are many solutions that will help them?**

Personality Tests such as the Big5-Personality Test are already good at telling people what conditions they have but they leave them alone with their conditions without providing any further guidance on how to face them!

At the same time there are so many effective psychological strategies, tools and practices (like mindfulness, cold showers, time-blocking etc.) available to successfully master any human challenges but how should a person understand what tools & strategies will work best for them?

We want to take the next step and connect people who have similar personality types with each other, let them share their challenges and test together strategies that work for them. In this way, we create a process to better understand the cause of the challenge and to help each other discover strategies that work best! You can think about it as a "Wikipedia of habits, tools and practices" married with an advanced matching algorithm which will help you to discover tools that will suit your personality!

How I will build it

The solution will be a social coaching/self-help platform where we will match people by personality types and let them "crowd-source" the most common challenges and most useful strategies.

After finishing a simple personality test our users will instantly find help & relieve by reading stories around similar challenges from people like them!

The next step will be to choose the strategies recommended by other people and add this to the user´s personal toolbox. After the tool is added to the personal toolbox the user will be able to track the practise daily and share progress and insights with others. This would help him to master the challenge and will help others to discover this useful tool too.

Let's face our challenges together! In the process, we will make friends for Life on Lifebuddies.

Goals for the Hackathon

On the first step, we will have to validate the idea by collecting the feedback, creating the community and building the first prototype

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