How it works:

The One-stop solution to all Needy people.

Creates community of people who like to help the needy ones!

Includes a new kind of crowd funding Platform on which we can donate our time and things as well as money!


For People who like to help the really needy once.
Some people join NGOs,
but after some time they realize they could not give that much time
or many other reasons.
They Left.
But what if you want to help people with your comfort?
Register on LifeBeat portal! We will notify you whenever a really needy one Needs your help.

Maybe the help will very small, but still it can make a big difference!

Challenges I ran into

Finding methods to validates the campaign
Very much brainstorming for Innovative ideas.
Integration with Facebook API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Converted idea into the real thing.
Made First Website with Pure Coding!(Without Wordpress)

What I learned

MySQL-Php Connection
Facebook Login and Share Integrations

What's next for LifeBeat

Many things! Like Community Profile pages.
Adding Other Social Networks APIs.
Converting it into Social Startup!

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