Bloomberg opened our eyes to the challenges faced by the needy so we took action.

What it does

This platform helps connect generous donors with those that need it the most, by providing one of a human's basic needs, eating. Also, food providers like restaurants can join the webapp and act as a middleman creating the following scenarios:

  • Donors donate an X amount of money which goes to a common fund from which the restaurants will be paid. The person that needs a meal texts "I am hungry in London " to the platform, the platform then guides them to complete a quick registration form. After completing the quick form they receive a code that allows them to buy a meal from the nearest restaurant that is registered with the platform.
  • Donors can browse and read receiver's story and then arrange a meeting with them to offer them a meal and maybe further help.
  • Also by browsing the platform donors can choose to offer a meal at a specific restaurant and in a specific time frame without the necessity to go to the restaurant.

How we built it

  • Backend (PHP)
  • Frontend (Angular)
  • GSM (Twilio)
  • Database (MySQL) ## Challenges we ran into Deciding which hack to build ## Features to be added Implementing payment gateway.
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