We've all taken a CPR class, but to be honest, none of us actually retained any of it, and wanted to be able to effectively respond in any emergency situation. With this in mind, we wanted to create an app that would allow anyone without any previous medical experience to be able to act as a 1st responder in the event of an emergency.

What it does

Lifesaver allows a user to responsibly act as a 1st responder in the event of an emergency by providing the user with a step-by-step tutorial on many common emergency situations and how to react to them.

How we built it

Despite having no previous experience with html and javascript, we wanted to create an app that would at least have the potential to help someone. As a result, we decided to use Onymos, as we believed that this would give us the best opportunity to effectively create an app that we would be proud off.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we had problems figuring out how to navigate and use html and javascript, as we had no previous experience with Onymos. However, by combining the efforts of our various team members, we were able to persevere and create an app that has the potential to help someone and make a real life difference.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we were able to create an app despite having no previous experience with html, javascript, and Onymos.

What we learned

We learned that the most important aspect of being a programmer is being able to react and overcome various obstacles with our limited knowledge of computer programming.

What's next for Life Saver

In the future, we hope to expand the various tutorials that LifeSaver provides for emergency scenarios, in an attempt to prepare the user for whatever emergency situations they might encounter.

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