Life Safety plans impact the entire AEC industry, and often related fields as well. Our team, consisting of architects, an engineer, and a software engineer, has had challenging experiences with life safety plans that have negatively impacted time, budget, and communication issues. The desire to find a way to mitigate these issues through automation brought us together to develop this program.

Life Safety Life Savers was developed at the Beyond AEC 2017 Hackathon in Boston. It was built for implementation in Revit, with Dynamo used to script the automation processes. C Sharp was used to create the user interface. Examples of these can be seen in the associated documents.

The most significant challenge in the development process was finding a resolution for one of the greatest challenges in life safety - the wide range of building codes and fire safety codes that govern the rules of life safety plans. This is of the utmost importance in the automation of life safety plans, as those rules are what drive the creation of the plans. Ultimately, we developed a process of searching for keywords in the HTML of building code web sites and utilized Parsehub to export the data to CSV. This data was then available for the Dynamo scripts to use.

We were excited to develop this program as thoroughly as we did within the restrictions of a 24-hour hackathon. We utilized our diverse range of skills and experience to great effect. One of the greatest benefits of this project was the opportunity for each of us to learn more about each other's fields. For example, the opportunity for an architect to learn more about the needs and working processes of an engineer and software developer is truly invaluable.

Built With

  • c#
  • dynamo
  • revit
  • parsehub
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