In our busy everyday lives, we use many to-do lists and event planners such as Tripadvisor or Kayak. However, there is currently no integrated platform that combines all of these features and making it transparent between your friends, family members, and others.

What it does

This application will help you keep track of what you want to do based on the priority of when you need to do it. This application has two features; it can help you generate a full complete report of your plan and it will help you get all of your To-Dos done. By having access to your calendar, you can plan the best possible events with friends because you know everyone's availability without the hassle of communicating with each person back and forth. What do I mean? When you have a location in mind, you have to physically search up the popular sites and use different sites to compare search results. You have to book flight tickets and all of these functionalities are on different platforms. This application will combine all of these features and become your one and only event planner.

How I built it

React, Python

Challenges I ran into

A lot of data can be hard to collect and calculated.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The hardcoded version of what the product will look like and basic functionality.

What I learned

Data is hard to collect and it is hard to deal with different sites that have little help or support. It is hard to implement machine learning concepts.

What's next for Life Planner

Implement machine learning to help better plan the events. Keeping track of all the reports and based on the users' feedback better enhance the experiences. Link Calander, facebook, To-Do-list and traveling together.

Built With

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