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CruzHacks2020 Entry

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Our inspiration was AI text recognition. Translators that use the camera to read text and translate it live made us wonder about how the software operates. Through the services provided by Microsoft Azure, we were able to explore this topic through prototyping an application that takes images and turns them into events for a calendar application.

We've Learned:

We learned how to use Android Studio's developer software to build an Android mobile application. Within Android Studio, we learned how to install widgets and tools such as buttons and calendars to build a functioning app. We learned how to utilize Microsoft's cloud system, Azure, to scan and read images, and also how to apply this knowledge in situations outside of this project. We all also learned how to better efficiently search for online documentation and resources.

How We Built It:

We used the Microsoft Azure portal and its cloud shell to process and scan images and return .json files containing text that it detected. The .json files were then parsed and converted into data types for further processing in Java. In Android Studio, we connected our app to the mobile phone camera and gallery to implement the photo retrieval for the scanning process. We also added a calendar and schedule function for organizing events gathered from the photos Azure scanned.

Our Challenges:

During this hackathon, we faced many challenges. We faced time constraints while also searching for a convenient and quiet workspace. Even when we did find a quiet place to work, there were quite a few distractions since other groups would come in and were really loud. We had to use Azure for our project, but Emmanuel had a rough time learning it because there were few in-person resources for Azure. However, Emmanuel was able to learn what our project needed. While working with Android Studio, we took some time getting used to Android Studio. We had trouble understanding the formatting of the buttons and layouts as well as the coding part of the app we were trying to make. One of our biggest challenges was working with the calendar in our app. We wanted to add events and reminders however, Xiao Qing had a difficult time figuring out how to implement it.

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