Two UChicago kids wanted to build something with the Muse headset. One bad idea after another, they returned to their roots of "Life of the Mind." Idea in hand, they joined forces with two of their friends to create Life of the Mind: The Game.

What it does

It's a tiny planet! Use your brain and your head to control the little people on your world. Watch them walk around and interact with one another in a wonky way.

How we built it

Learned Unity and C# with swanky design skills to top it all off.

Challenges we ran into

You can't auto-merge unity scenes, so only one person could edit the scene at any given time. We came up with a simple Human Mutex Locking algorithm that we followed, but there was a whole lot of spin-waiting. We wonder if there's a better way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Muse -> Bluetooth -> muse-io -> udp -> Unity
  • Planetary Gravity. 2D Physics.
  • Sh*t looks pretty.
  • "Using my mind to control the world." Actually getting concentration to work.

What we learned

It's hard to make a fully fleshed out game overnight.

What's next for Life of the Mind

  • Dynamic generation of worlds
  • Muse indicator
  • Game stats
  • More emotion effects
  • More interactions between characters
  • More sprites
  • More smites

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