We wanted everyone to know exactly where things go when they throw them away. What's the benefit of recycling? How long do things sit in a landfill before decomposing? Through this game, we hope to educate people on where exactly their trash goes when they throw it away, and how to make the Earth a cleaner place by Recycling!

What it does

Start the game by choosing an adorable icon, and follow it through its life cycle! You get to choose where it goes: the trash, the recycling plant, or the compost. Then learn exactly what happens to it when you send it there. Follow it through the recycling process, discover if it's compostable, and find out just how long it stays in the landfill. Unlock new icons by selecting the correct path for each item! Each time you get it right, a new icon becomes available.

How I built it

Alex and the Jens^3 used React to build this app, as well as styled it using Material UI. Jen Lam also created the cute icons that you can choose from!

What I learned

Our group learned a lot about where ones trash actually travels. It was surprisingly difficult to find out where exactly garbage goes, and the information is in a bunch of different places. Having one place to access all of the info will help to educate people on how to recycle properly, and have fun doing it!

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