LIFE HINT was purely inspired by Gacha Machine and Fortune Cookies in Japan. In Japan, there are a lot of Gacha Machine to play in public. Usually inside the Gacha ball, there's a figure or toy of a character (mostly anime character). And about Fortune Cookie, it's a crisp and sugary cookie which pretty commonly existed in Japan. Fortune Cookie gets popular because inside the cookie, there's a paper inside which will tell a "fortune" to the consumer. Basically, the fortune told inside the cookie are pretty random, and it depends on the consumers luck. Well, this thing reminds me of Instagram filter with "Random Sequence" which almost all of them gets so popular. From there, I wanted to create something with that similar idea, combining Fantasy, Gacha and Fortune Cookie.

What it does

The concept is simply a hole in the ground that seems connected to an underground pipe that can blow out the “Gacha ball” consist of a random positive “life advice” or something like a "Daily Horoscope Fortune". From then, I name this filter "Life Hint".

How I built it

The main app I used in creating LIFE HINT is Spark AR. For the base, I honestly used the 'World Effect" sample that has been provided and start clearing things that I thought unnecessary. Since, my initial goal was actually to make this filter as light as possible (it's also because I can only afford Android, and filters are mostly heavy in Android devices) , I ended up limiting the use of assets for this filter. So, the assets used in this filter, are all directly constructed with 3D Primitive Objects that have been provided by Spark AR. It was pretty challenging to me, but new Spark AR is really great. Moreover, all animations were done with patch editor inside Spark AR.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge for me is actually I knew about this competition really late. I just knew it on 12 March, 2020 morning. Thus I was rushed in creating this filter and didn't plan to let go this chance. I knew I'm not a professional, but I always think that there's nothing wrong to try. The next challenge was, in creating filters, I only had a weak laptop, so I must be really patient about it. Also, because I want a 'user-friendly' filter, I limited the use of my assets which finally I decided to create everything using things that already provided inside the Spark AR platform. More, since I had a limited ability in doing patches and couldn't code, I could only create things that I was able to do which still suits the filter concept. Last, I was also in doubt in adding the interactions. I was actually about to add tap and touch & hold to trigger certain different animation. However, since people tend to love something that's practical, so I just mix it in one trigger to start the animation, which only need to hold the record button.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Firstly, since the 'Random Filter' was on trend, I had never tried to make one. But for this event, I created one but in different concept. Also, I am so glad that I can successfully create the filter as I imagined, utilizing 3D Primitive Objects and Audio library which are all provided in Spark AR. Lastly, I'm really proud that I could finish this filter quite on time even if I had to deal with app crash and lag. I respect my patient level LOL.

What I learned

I learned about how to patch a "random sequence" which will only show the result at the end. I also learned that we should never underestimate basic objects/shapes, because they are very useful, and without them, cool 3d models would never be existed. More, I learned to use cube as ground's occluder.

What's next for Life Hint

There are 20 possible advises that can be obtained by the users of this filter. They can use this filter to start their day and to make them more positive and full of spirit. However, the users might not really do what this "Life Hint" filter suggests, but at least there is a positive message the users can take to live a better day and a cheerful life. Well, the next thing in LIFE HINT , there will be more than 20 possible advises and will later be updated with front camera face tracker.

Built With

  • sparkar
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