Life Gear is an emergency App that, sending out emergency alert messages to your contacts that you feed into the app as the designated receivers or guardians. The main objective of this application is to enhance human security by requesting emergency help in critical situation such as rape assault, accident, medical emergency, kidnapping etc.

To send message, go to your Gear and start the app then tap on the red button and its done! Its gonna send the message to your given contacts, simple one click action. The receiver will receive a link to your location instantly. You can configure your settings to send SMS on start of Gear app, it saves your time to press the red panic button.


  • Send emergency message by simple one click in gear application.
  • People can send emergency message just by opening the gear application.
  • User current location will be sent with this emergency message.
  • If any one doesn't have the watch he/she can use the app from mobile with adjustable shortcut key in home screen. By pressing the designated key, emergency message will be sent.

Enjoy the app and feel safe with Life Gear, a safety gadget for your daily life.

Terms & Condition

To send an SMS you must have to be connected with a mobile network service provider. In case of device or network failure this app and the app developer will not be responsible.

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