As members of the Farmingdale High School Environmental Club, we have been working on a local fast fashion awareness project. The project focuses on the environmental impacts and human rights violations involved with overseas manufacturing.

What it does

We created a web app that allows users to type in the name of a clothing brand and find unbiased information about the nature of the manufacturing facilities that the brand has dealings with. we display information about the shortcomings of the company, references, and contact information for the brand. There is also an option to input information about a brand that we can fact check so we'll have a more complete understanding of the brand.

How I built it

The database is contained in a JSON file with the name of the brand or any variants the name could have. When a user inputs a brand name, we parse the JSON file with a regular expression and then we display information stored under that brand name.

Challenges I ran into

Information regarding sweatshop fires overseas and chemical dumping by large corporations are very hard to find. It was difficult to find anything worth forming an opinion over, and often the only information we could find was an official statement on the brand's website which is by no means reputable. The project has taken a turn towards a sort of crowdfunding of information to decided whether or not a brand is being responsible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to be able to bring awareness to a somewhat unspoken human rights issue that is so deeply rooted in American consumerism.

What I learned

We learned a lot about the nature of capitalism, how to use JSON formatting for data storage, and how to use HTML and JavaScript to create a dynamic website.

What's next for Life Cycle of Your T-Shirt

We want the project to utilize the capability of artificial intelligence to find published information online that relates to the brand any any human rights violations or environmental threats it can find.

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