I work in financial services and believe that there is lots of room for innovation in the insurance industry. I was also inspired by a company named Ethersic, which is building decentralized insurance solutions.

What it does

Life Block demonstrates how life insurance claims handling can be enhanced, automated, and streamlined, using blockchain technology.

How we built it

Built with an Angular UI and Solidity smart contracts.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges with building web3 integrations using Angular, as there is less web3 documentation for Angular vs. React.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud that the Life Block DApp is finished and can be demoed end-to-end.

What we learned

Learned lots of Solidity, Angular, and web3 innovations such as Soulbound Tokens.

What's next for Life Block

Enhance Life Block if there is positive feedback from BlockHack. Enhancements can include expanding scope to capture medical records needed for policy creation, reinsurance integrations, handling multiple beneficiaries, introducing a backend/DB, and investigating the availability of death certificate APIs.

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