We saw a list of offensive words and thought, "how could we make it easier for people to avoid them if they wanted to?"

What it does

Dynamically censors offensive/triggering terms during browsing based on applied filters. Can be used to block offensive terms of a specific type, e.g. racial slurs, or used as a form of parental control

How we built it

Used regex to find the appropriate words to be censored and used JavaScript to make a Chrome extension to activate the censors.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding regex - it's very finicky!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished on time and managed to create a semblance of something that people may actually want to use.

What we learned

The lexicon of offensive words is longer than you'd expect.

What's next for Yeet Speech

A release as a fully-fledged product with more customisability, e.g. being able to set your own custom words

Built With

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