Coming into this Hackathon, our main goal was to create a product of utility that serves the disabled. We brainstormed past ideas involving machine learning and resulting in a more passively helpful product; however, we wanted to be more direct in our aid and focused on improving emergency services.

What it does

iNotify is a device that works to detect possible instances of heart attack, seizures, and other debilitating health issues. Our device is intended to be used as a fashion accessory that will record any sudden movement that may indicate danger to one's health. The accelerometer detects movement and responds to another system if a certain acceleration threshold is met or exceeded. Then, authorities and the user's loved ones are informed via phone call and text message (respectively) with all available details.

How we built it

We used an arduino uno and an accelerometer to detect acceleration in hand movement. If the acceleration crossed the certain value, then a javascript file would send an email to the phone provider which, in turn, would send a text to the user's chosen emergency contact. In case of a faulty alert, the user can push a button that cancels the text system.

Challenges we ran into

Not only did we have little experience in javascript, we also weren't aware of how we were going to set up the email to text gateway.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using javascript and integrating the texting system.

What we learned


What's next for iNotify

We want to add a small sound alarm to notify the user of the text generation in case of a false alarm.

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