Created by: Team Organic Forto Coffee (Tania Cao, Melen Negussie, Kristen Palmer, and Aaliyah Sayed)


Every day, everywhere, we are surrounded by people from all walks of life. Some have a vast amount of resources available to them, others have close to nothing. We created this game to raise awareness on the wide variety of lifestyles in our own neighborhoods. By understanding how gender, financial status, education, and hobbies shape our lives and social pyramid standings, we hope to create a more inclusive and open minded community. Our game also shows how different choices and events will impact one's social status.

General Description

MINI GAME: You create your virtual character and choose pathways that determines the character's background identity. Once complete, you will be given the advantages and disadvantages in having the background your character has.

FULL GAME: This is an life simulation game by simply swiping cards. You create your own virtual character and choose pathways to build your it. Once background information is complete, you will be given sets of choices that will allow you to progress through your virtual life.

How It Works

Our webpage has two HTML files: main.html and welcome.html. Most of the work involved figuring out how to implement the swiping function, which we accomplished by using JavaScript and JQuery. The design for the website was coded in our style.css file.

Our Processing program is made up of three classes: a main, story, and ending class. The story class creates the storyline of the game. Likewise, the ending class creates the list containing the advantages and disadvatages that come from specific combinations of backgrounds. Lastly, the main class serves as the base structure by composing the visuals and the functionality between all the classes and instance variables.


To play this game you have two running options:

  • run our webgame (online version available on computers, laptops and mobile)
  • run our Processing program (offline version for computers and laptops only)

Instructions for webpage

  1. Open your desired web brower.
  2. Go to the following link:
  3. Click anywhere to start the game.

Instructions for Processing

  1. Download Processing using the following link:
  2. Download this repository's files
  3. Open the repository's folder
  4. Open the folder named "Processing"
  5. Double-click on any of the non-image files (doesn't use the jpn extension)
  6. Run the program
    1. Press Crtl + R on your keyboard
    2. Click on the play button on top of the "Processing" tab

Once you run the game, you'll see a start screen. Whenever you are ready to play the game, click the any part of the screen and you will be directed to the game screen. You will be asked a question on the white section of the screen. To answer it, you may either click on the corresponding area containing the answer, or use the following keyboard commands:

  • to select the option to the right (purple area)
  • to select the option to the left (pink area)
  • to select the option on the bottom (dark blue area)

When the game is over, you will be able to replay by clicking anywhere on the screen.

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