EZ License

Makes acquiring the US driver's license a piece of cake for new immigrants.

Problem it solves

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  2. Focus Area 5: Other significant challenges faced by immigrants that do not have any modern solution.

One of the biggest challenges newly arriving immigrants face is getting a US driver's license. Many new immigrants are seasoned drivers who have been driving in their native countries for several years. Several are international drivers permit holders who can drive all over the world and can quickly adapt to the US laws of driving. However, for obvious reasons, immigrants need to obtain a permanent driver's license. Taking the written test is typically easy and not an issue. The challenge arises in taking the driving test. To take the driving test, immigrants need a car. But without a valid US driver's license, there is no way for them to get one. It's a catch 22.

Car rental companies require you to have a valid US drivers license (besides the other age-related restrictions that impose an additional burden on younger immigrants). With a small social circle, new immigrants are typically unable to find anyone who is willing to 'lend' them a ride to take their driving test.

Such immigrants have no other choice but to call the driving schools. Unfortunately, these driving schools force them to purchase driving lessons before they feel comfortable renting their vehicle for the test. For experienced international drivers this is completely unnecessary and yet there is no other option for them. The driving lessons are anything but cheap. For new immigrants, getting a drivers license often translates to breaking the bank.

EZ license is a mobile platform that aims to solve this problem. It connects immigrants looking to acquire a US driver's license with individuals who are willing to teach driving and / or rent their vehicles to international drivers for a very minimal cost.


First hand experience combined with frustration of fellow immigrants with regard to the current process of acquiring a US driver's license.

What it does

Democratizes the driving school & license-acquisition process by crowd sourcing muli-lingual instructors and individual car rentals to help new immigrants get a US driver's license.

How we built it

In Typescript using Angular & Firebase. Its a PWA (Progressive Web App) that can be run in the browser, android and iOS.

Challenges we ran into

Finding where to limit the scope of the MVP.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully functional MVP for connecting new immigrants with multi-lingual instructors and individual car rentals.

What's next for ezLicense.

Scaling out globally to include other countries and adding more just-in-time services like global translation, legal counsel, school admissions and other healtcare related services.

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