Our objective is delivering an improved customer experience by greeting the customer by name, knowing if they have an appointment, being able to review service history which will help in speeding up the check-in process.

We would like to leverage a cloud-based license plate recognition solution and cost-effective cameras that are mounted at the entrance of our service lanes. The cameras will detect license plates in the lane and notify the service advisor with all the customer's information.

User Stories

“I want only authorized cars to get access” “I want to be able to query times and dates from the database” “I want to be able to see the information's remotely” “I want to see the history of vehicles coming and going from the garage” “I want to know when a car enters or leaves my garage”

How we built it

Using Rasberry Pi camera, upon motion detection, pass images onto a Tesseract OCR engine until it reads the text from the license plate.

On successful plate reading, send the scanned text from the plate, various metadata, and a cropped image of the plate (as a source of verification) to a webhook and also store the data locally for audit purposes.

Using GCP and Firestore, store user data & plate data. Actions can be performed on certain events.

Using React, Firestore, and Firebase Authentication to design a multi-tenant management system where dealerships and other vehicle-based businesses can pay to access our vehicle ingress/egress notification system.


Finding stolen cars: This kind of system can be deployed on the roadside and makes a real-time comparison between passing cars and the list of stolen cars. When a match is found, an alert is issued to inform the police officer of the car detected and the reasons for stopping the car.

Parking: The detected license plate number is used in car parks in order to calculate parking fees by comparing entry and exit times.

Toll: The car number is used to calculate travel costs on a toll road, or used to re-check tickets.

Access control: The automatic opening of a door for authorized members in a safety zone. This kind of system is set up to help security officers. Events are stored on a database and can be used to search event history when needed.

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