During Exams season, students struggle to find a seat at the library. This often results in unnecessary added stress. To solve this problem we designed Libsit, an application that helps the user find vacant seats in their library.

What it does

An accelerometer is placed under each chair and detects small movements. If enough small movements are detected in a pre-determined timeframe, the chair is considered occupied. Our program then collects the data of the library (or public spaces) and returns the number of available seats (and share of occupied seats) to the user. She/He can browse through our application to find the nearest library with enough free seats. The university will have access to all the data concerning :

  • occupancy rate and trends
  • occupancy map

How we built it

We used an accelerometer and an Arduino board. We found the accelerometer's manual on the provider's website. Our Arduino program is written in C. For the application, we used Ionic framework, coding in Javascript, Html and Css.

Challenges we ran into

The accelerometer is very sensitive and detects the slightest movements. The challenge we faced was to find the perfect timing and movement interval that would ignore all fake signals but detect when the chair is occupied. We didn't had time to link our arduino's program to our application, but we know how it could be done and it wouldn't be too difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re very proud to have a functioning sensor detecting quite well normal movements of a student on a chair.

What we learned

How to use an accelerometer and read its signals. We have also realized that studying computer science doesn't teach good web development at all!

What's next for Libsit

The next step would be to implement the seats’ location and a map feature of all the nearest libraries. It would be interesting to see how precise the sensors could be, and to what extent students would use it. Finally, understand how we can better use that data to improve library experience.

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