The current scenario of social media creates a monopoly among few tech giants and hence content creators are at the mercy of these corporations. Content creators get paid in pennies even after getting millions of views on the profiles. Artists have no choice but to choose the existing alternative pay-to-use low revenue model. The revenue models of social media giants are not transparent at all and a creator can never know how much percentage of their revenue is taken by these corporations. Famous artists can sustain on sponsorships, but smaller independent artists who only have a niche fan base of a few thousand cannot survive in this industry with such a tiny revenue stream.

What it does

A platform where creators and communities can:

  • 🌟Create their own social token: on a fixed supply, bonding curve or vesting schedule, where the creators get to own full custody of tokens minted.

  • 🌟Democreatic Social Media for Creator DAOs / Tokenized Communities: Discover & grow your community, communicate and contribute towards other creators. Earn rewards for joining communities, and more.

  • 🌟Airdrop social tokens: send and receive social tokens on social media, private channels or in bulk to multiple people, through a unique claimable link.

  • 🌟Create an NFT: We envision NFTs as a gateway to utilize social tokens. NFTs aren't limited to digital art, it can be a way to fundraise, bootstrap liquidity for your social token, create incentive mechanisms and so much more.

  • 🌟Rewards / Giveaways: Reward your community for contributions & adding value through social tokens.

How I built it

  • ⚡ Lightning fast transactions powered Tezos Network

  • 💎 Social Tokens powered by FA1.2 standard

  • 📖 Publish content restraint of any type of censorship and reach a global audience.

  • ⛽ Gasless creation and sale of NFTs powered by TZIP 17 meta transactions to allow easier onboarding for new users

  • 🌐 Seamless logins without any additional extensions powered by Beacon SDK

  • 📌 Distributed Storage powered by IPFS, Pinata

  • ✨ NFTs powered by Tezos FA2 token standard

Who is it for?

  • For Creators: Create censorship restraint content, provide exclusive access to events, early access to NFTs/drops, content, discounts, fundraise directly from fans, merchandise, status and a sense of loyalty and retroactive airdrops as rewards.

  • For Communities: Governance, voting rights through Libretez DAO, incentive mechanisms for community members to hold and contribute value going forward.

  • For Platforms: Programmable assets, governance, and value generated by individuals on the platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Implementing social tokens using FA1.2 standard
  • Minting NFTs using FA2 standard
  • Gasless creation and sale of NFTs powered by TZIP 17 meta transactions
  • Providing seamless logins without any additional extensions powered by Beacon SDK

What I learned

I learned a lot about the Tezos ecosystem. I also learned about writing Tezos smart contracts using SmartPy. I learned a lot about product building as well.

What's next for Libreꜩ

  • Implementing a recurring payments subscription system similar to EIP 1337 to support your favorite creators

  • Associate Tezos Name Service on creator profiles.

  • Ability to connect other social media profiles using TezID (

Built With

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