We can not emphasize the fact enough that our public libraries are underutilized. Barely anybody except retired senior citizens and hardworking moms barely makes it to few visits per year. Lots of resources, even physical rooms could have been used otherwise that are left alone because of the lack of attendance to these libraries.

On the other hand, let's say there is a meetup event going on somewhere on center city. A person living 15 miles away somewhere in North East is more than likely to not attend the event due to that long distance. Now imagine that meetup happening at some local public library that is within walking distance of that person. In that scenario, not only he but also his family members will be able to get benefit from the workshop.

So we combined the idea of using library locations for meet-ups in order to benefit libraries and us people as a community.

What it does

Library Venture allows user to create a valid account, organize event on certain library branch, join events that are happening on his chosen libraries. User is able to get news feed for upcoming events. Not only that, a librarian, a special user base, will be able to analyze data to make better financial decision for the institution. And that includes increase in attendees over a certain period of time, which types of events locals are more inclined to and so on.

How We built it

This is an Ionic app which runs on browser. We have used angularjs, firebase heavily to communicate between backend and front end.

Challenges I ran into

No api to extract library data. Realistically specking we will contact specific library branches. Ionic was very new platform for each one of us 4 members.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made a full stand alone application. This really gave us insight as to how to prepare for next time.

What I learned

Ionic, firebase, definitely about making GET request, inserting, extracting to database, data collection and analysis

What's next for Library Venture

Definitely a migration from hybrid to native app. We will be targeting android studio. Better analysis of Data so this application has a financial impact and have definite real use case.

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