Because we want to allow students to have a better experience using library desks for studying Miniminize effort of students to try and find seats (exam period is stressful)

What it does

A more efficient way of dealing with desk occupancy issues using QR code.

How we built it

We used flask to make a web server that registers to the database (incomplete).

Challenges we ran into

-We were having troubles using flask and lopy. -We kept changing our ideas to make it more cheaper and user efficient (We first had the idea of using NFC scanners, for example, but it was more of a hassle to install every desk with wires of NFC scanners and would have been more expensive).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-We are proud of our teamwork and using each other's skills into making this project. We enjoyed the experience as well.

What we learned

Learned a bit about how to use flask. Learned a bit about electronics in the workshops Learned about how there will be many things to think about no matter how simple the solution is when designing systems or mechanisms.

What's next for Library - Study Desk System

We will continue developing our coding skills in order to make projects like these into reality since what hindered us in our project mostly is the our lack of experience and coding skills.

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