After my debate club session, we have a bunch on conclusion, a bunch of ideas that we can give , advices, to another people but we can't because it is not easy to take those data, store them and make them available for everyone. So I decide to created an application to solve that problem.

What it does

Keep in Mind take the data from the sessions, lectures and put them in a nice format in order to make you understand and you will be able to view those data even if you use an another phone cause they are stored on a online database.

How we built it

Built with java and Firebase for the data storage and user connection

Challenges we ran into

The challenges was with the database creation cause it was the first time, then with the recyclerview by creating the UI it was not easy to create the ui and fetch the data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of the database management Proud of efforts Proud of the skills that I learned Proud of the final project.

What we learned

Java programming Firebase user authentication Firebase database management

What's next for Keep in Mind

Next we will implement a new functionality that will allow the user to chat on the platform in order to develop the community and help more people.

Built With

  • authentication
  • database
  • firebase
  • java
  • management
  • recyclerview
  • user
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