The African Library Project is an incredible social venture, but the members of my team had never heard of it. Knowing that more publicity translates to more donations for African literacy, we tried to think of ways we could use our unique backgrounds and skillsets to enhance African Library Project's marketing and outreach strategy. Our team specialized in the VR and 3D production pipeline.

What it does

Library Heroes is a VR web app that can be used in browser. In a virtual environment, users can meet and learn about important people in African literature. It is an interactive way to learn more about literary heritage. It allows users to read about famous African writers and choose to buy their books online. A portion of the proceeds made through the app benefit The African Library Project. The webxr app also allows users to donate straight from the experience. The experience is meant to be added to the African Library Project's Website. It could be opened in a normal browser, as well as a virtual reality headset where you will me immersed in the experience and interact with Famous Africa Writers.

How we built it

We used Unity, Maya, Substance Painter and Avatar Maker. Maya for modeling all our assets. Substance Painter to paint the assets. Avatar Maker to make avatars. Unity for all the scripting.

Challenges we ran into

Our submission video that we worked on for so long got deleted last minute and we couldn't submit it. Other challenges: Working with WEBXR is new for every developer ! It is a new feature ad it was hard to set it up ad make sure it works.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the accomplishments that we are most proud of is building this application in webXR, which is a cutting edge API that enables virtual reality headsets to integrate with the web. This is still extremely new and

What we learned

We learned how to develop for WebXR ! We never used it before.

What's next for Library Heros

Speech intractability - more authors

Built With

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