Library Atlas is a mobile application that sends quotes to users based on their reading preferences across four categories: genre, city, author, or book title.

The categories act as discovery filters ensuring users are only notified of quotes they will find interesting.

When the user's life intersects with the plots of books in which they've already expressed interest, a push notification sends them the quote, book name, author name and other interesting information.

While the visceral experience of the user's life intersecting with the book is still fresh in their memory, they are presented with four calls to action allowing them to engage deeper with the literature and share the experience with their friends.

The first is to buy the book in person at a brick and mortar bookstore.

The second is to borrow the book from a local library.

The third is to download the ebook.

And the fourth is to take a photo of themselves on location and share it via social media, along with a link.

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