I love reading books...who doesn't! In recent years, the process of reading books/searching for information has migrated to the online space and libraries have to adapt to this change. This code is my way of contributing to the local community (school/local library, etc.) by automating the process for searching for books.

What it does

This code accepts a book name, searches for it in a local excel file, and if not found, opens a link on a new tab to buy the book.

How we built it

By breaking to code down step-by-step and solving each issue one at a time. My code is broken down into accepting data, searching for data, and then giving output either as a text or on google

Challenges we ran into

It was intially a struggle to build the code in a way that was dynamic when it came to number of cells being searched

Accomplishments that we're proud of

overcoming the challenges and being patient with the code. It is really all about how you approach a problem and taking your time with it, an important milestone for me as a beginner in coding.

What we learned

Using new modules such as webbrowser, and learning more about web scraping.

What's next for Library Assistant

Library assistant is walking its first steps today. We can create a better user interface and add more features to it such as searching for more recomendations, and making it more accomodative to spelling errors.

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