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Liberry club is Team Resource management in a Slack-friendly Bot format. Using's natural language processor, you can ask Liberry to create and manage the status of the physical objects in your environment.

Liberry is a slack-native chatbot built to understand your team's available shared resources and to to enable a friendly interface to help track down what's available at work, among friends, club members or neighbors.

As a librarian, our robot can understand a variety of commands (thanks to to allow you to register a sharable resource, check it out, check on the status, or return it for others to use.

At wok, someone might bring in a book for others to borrow. Liberry can help you out:

Bert> @liberry: create resource "The Thing Explainer" liberry> Ok, "The Thing Explainer is available to check out"

Ernie> @liberry: borrow "The Thing Explainer" liberry> @Ernie: It's yours

Bert> @liberry: Who has The Thing explainer? @liberry> @Ernie checked out The Thing Explainer 2 minutes ago

Bert> @liberry: checkout QA @liberry> Ok. @Bert is using QA is a great tool for building a dialog system like this. It let us map the casual language we use around the office into formal commands our robot can understand.

Bert> @liberry how can you help me? @liberry: I have four primary commands... the CRUD of lending. Create a sharable resource, Read the state of the resoure or resources Update (Checkout, return) an item Delete ( take your resoure out of the borrowing pool) Slack integration allows you to create Slack bots with natural language understanding based on technology.

We forked his from

To stop the bot from running in the interactive mode, press CTRL+C.

In the background mode, you can control the bot’s state via simple commands:

Custom Bot Launch

If you want to customize your bot behavior, follow the steps below.

Clone the repository On Heroku, setup up these environment variables in your configuration

To run locally, do the same, and run 'sh ./' to start the server.

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