People are ready to live in love led freedom. I am working with people and I have come to understanding what issues we all share. The fun fact is that actually everybody wants all the same things. So I got inspired- how can we support each other in a global scale to become our greatest versions. This platform brings students together from whichever country, learning to accept differences, various cultures and ways of life.

What it does

LW connects people in sustainable way- so that each individual can thrive to be their best version- in professional life, health wise, and also by travelling the world together with family. Platform provides an opportunity to have online education, business, trade, R&D, housing, retreat centers and innovation project all together in one place. So we can use, share and connect in one place, so that millions of people can work together with common goal- live their best, healthy life in abundance while becoming masters at whatever they are passionate about. A way to redeem quality production, sustainable economics and most importantly- education that is based on individual passion.

How I built it

Problem: lack of valuable content for integrated, holistic way to study online in high schools. Therefor gap between levels of knowledge and gap between exact and humanitarian minded students. Solution: Place for students to study only what they love and teach other students, so they learn everything from one another. And network for teachers where they work together to make most valuable, holistic content online for all schools.

Challenges I ran into

This idea was way too alternative for people to wrap their heads around, but this situation in the world changes perspective towards life and Libereco Wisery seem a lot more reachable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finally put together how can it be done online

What I learned

I learned that by going personal development journey we can develop our mission in life. Mine is Libereco Wisery

What's next for Libereco Wisery

Online education platform where students from all around the world can meet, study from one another and develop themselves, so they can, not only learn curriculum, but also learn life skills needed in our society.

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