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Education is a key factor that can help young people escape poverty. Despite this - whether it be as a result of economic, geographical or social factors (e.g. gender) - millions across the world are still unable to have good sources of education. For that reason, there’s still a huge disparity in the opportunities that young people are able to access.

What it does

Liber is an education platform that helps to bridge this gap! Using a system of interconnected mentors and classrooms, it connects enthusiastic tutors (just like you!) all across the globe directly to students in need. Through collaborative resources, video lectures, chats and community courses, Liber aims to be a hub for knowledge for people of all backgrounds; promoting not only learning but also personal connections.

How we built it

We used HTML (using the Jinja 2 framework), CSS, Flask, and some JS to build the site. Accounts are stored on an SQLite database, and we used SHA-256 encryption to ensure security.

What’s next?

Polishing our design for the website to ensure consistency, as well as creating the backend for adding live functionality for the user network, so that profiles can invite each other and collaborate. We also want to host files and courses that users have uploaded, as well as create a working search function for materials so you can explore them.

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