As a university student when classes were still on campus, finding a seat to work at in the library was often a struggle. This is a common issue amongst other students especially during exam season and we wanted to see what we could build to relieve the stress from students.

What it does

The app allows users to search and book library seats, navigate to their seat with the AR feature, and then check into their seat by scanning a QR code.

How we built it

We programmed the app entirely in Swift using a tool called ARKit for the AR components.

Challenges we ran into

To render the calendar, we didn't have enough time to troubleshoot the CalendarKit and went with WebKit instead – which renders a Google Calendar webpage. We also had some trouble with rendering the Bulbasaur on the markers, especially the orientation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our very first time coding AR! We quickly learned how AR integrated with the rest of the application and implemented a simple feature of recognizing the markers on the ground and successfully rendering a cute 3D model of a Pokemon.

What we learned

We learned that the AR markers cannot be black and white as it makes it difficult for the phone to differentiate. To fix this problem, we generated 2 very unique markers that is easy to recognize.

What's next for LibCheck

  1. Fix the embedded calendar feature on the booking screen.
  2. Animate Bulba so he can walk to the desk instead of hopping from marker to marker.
  3. Integrate SSO to ensure security and reduce bots.
  4. Parter with institutions to integrate actual library floor plans to book seats.

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