Inspiration Ever wondered how annoying it is to go to the library to get that Dan Brown novel, only to find it not on the shelf? Yes? Lit. No? Probably because we live in a bubble where e-books, automated libraries, and electronic systems dominate our reading experience. However, not everyone is blessed with these amenities or has the resources to implement these. Having been to libraries in Dubai and India; I noticed a stark difference. Libraries in Dubai are completely automized, with book sorting and an underground book redistribution system. Libraries in India, on the contrary, have little to no technological integration in most literary settings, which make it really difficult for students to get access to books. Which is frustrating considering that in most cases, these books are available but misplaced in one of the aisles.

What it does tl;dr - It's a lit implementation.

Ok but for real, we essentially designed a smart sorting and distribution algorithm to streamline the literary setting. Putting it simply, our device uses an ML algorithm to sort books into carts. Another algorithm figures out the most optimum route to go and place the books back into aisles. Voila! We may not be able to put people in their place, but we sure can books.

How I built it Meet our team of crazy, creative, and trash-pun loving college students! Talha makes bio-medical implants and Joshua is a neuroscientist. But we both have shared the same concern of unutilized resources in developing nations.

Challenges I ran into We don't have time to go over the entire project but please do come over and we will be happy to elucidate in detail.

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