I had just started learning Unity and wanted to try making a game. My husband and I had been playing Liar's Dice a lot with friends, so it seemed like a good pick.

How it works

Pick up to eight players (pass around play or AI). Take turns making bids or calling Liar. You're out when you lose all your dice. You may or may not win a coconut if you're the last survivor ;)

Challenges I ran into

Not too many, after years of writing OpenGL games in college this was the smoothest development experience I had ever had. The game was finished in just a few weeks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Seeing a project from start to end (and into the store!) This was my first personal iOS project.

What I learned

So much about Unity. There's nothing like diving in and creating a game from start to finish to teach you the ins and outs of a game engine.

What's next for Liar's Dice iOS App

We have a first pass at multiplayer that's been sitting on a shelf for some time now. It just needs to be tested!

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