The Problem ❗

Modern life is busy.

Constantly trying to balance work, household chores, social gatherings - a never-ending list of tasks, is the way people live their lives today. Having such hectic schedules, using technology as a tool to manage our lives has become a major time-saver.

Nowadays, as our routines are also heavily affected by COVID-19, as safety is our top priority and social-distancing is a must, the proper scheduling of events requiring visiting public spaces is crucial.

As online shopping has become the primary way for many to buy what they need, delivery services are unfortunately often too slow and unreliable and all in all unfit to match the needs of the contemporary consumer.

Our Solution ✅

How Lians Works

Lians is an app designed to save time. Whether you are a customer awaiting a package, a seller or a delivery service worker, our app is here to ensure the fast and safe journey of your goods.

The app tracks the package from the moment it is sent to the arrival in the receiver's hands. Notifications are sent to ensure the client is aware of when the package will arrive, helping fast delivery to them.

The Difference Between Lians and Other Applications

As the notifications about packages are usually sent only once, we often tend to forget about them even when we are close to the office. To ensure that the mail is not forgotten, Lians tracks the location of the package receiver(s) and if they are in proximity, it sends a reminder.

Fun Fact: Lians is actually the word 'snail' reversed, based on the snail mail, but a much faster and effective solution.

How We Built It 💻


We started by creating a wireframe to ensure we can have the exact application structure. The application was built using React Native, Mongo DB and Node.js. We also used Courier to manage our notifications.

Challenges We Ran Into 🤔

The time limit was certainly a challenge to us, as we wanted to build a fully-functioning application.
We all live in different parts of the world and would have to work on the project at different times, so we had to clearly identify the tasks and delegate them among ourselves as effectively as possible having in mind each of our individual strengths.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of ⭐

We created a functioning app that can help millions of people in just 24 hours!
While the time was certainly sparse, we completed the application in time, while also successfully implementing all the functions we planned to include!

What We Learned ✍

Aisha: As a designer, I had to research the multiple colours that'd work well with our application, delivering the right information we were trying to pass across. I had a wonderful time!

Aryan: As a developer, I learnt how to use expo-cli, Google Maps and Courier API. Expo does make it easier when trying to work with React Native. Learnt a lot of new things and it was a great experience!

Darren: This was my first hackathon and my first time working with React-Native. It was fun working with other people as well.

Veneta: This was my first time working with React Native, so I had to learn the basics of it. It was quite a challenge, but it was definitely worth it!

What's Next For Lians

The next steps for Lians are:

  • testing the application in real-world situations
  • making it available on other platforms
  • collaborating with delivery companies

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