We were inspired by the need for a better way to manage all the participants at the Science Olympiad Regional Competition at UT Austin. Primarily we needed to make it easier for competitors to get around and enhance communication between competitors and organizers.

What it does

This solutions serves as an all in one stop for any needs a participant at an event may have. Users can schedule which events they want to attend, get push notifications reminding them of upcoming events, get help from maps to get to the final destination, view contact information of organizers, and see what event other attendees are visiting.

How I built it

Our final solution used both a mobile and web front end, sharing a mutual backend hosted on heroku. The mobile side is used by the event-goers and is the portal through which they get access to all this useful information during the event. Meanwhile the website is used by the event organizers to set up events and send important notifications to subsets of the event-going population.

Challenges I ran into

This was our first experience using an MVC (model view controller) system. In addition to this we'd never used Ruby to program before or implemented a solution on the Heroku framework. There were many finicky details we ran into along the way regarding implementation, along with the more important issues of making sure the whole app came together in a well unified manner.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were especially proud of being able to successfully use an MVC model to represent our data as well as implementing a full stack framework with not one but two front ends.

What I learned

We learned more about android development, mvc systems, database development, fullstack development, ruby, sinatra web servers, heroku hosting services, and using RESTful apis.

What's next for Liaise

We hope to further polish the app until it's ready for publishing to the Android App store. Along with this, we'd really like to look into developing an iOS counterpart to the current mobile frontend. This would allow us to receive maximum market saturation within the next few years.

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