What it does

lhotse displays the user's past, present, and future expenditures in an augmented reality application connected to the website. The current version uses dummy data; in the future, we hope to integrate a robust CockroachDB backend, Capital One's Nessie API, and machine learning to expand the applicability and accuracy of our predictions.

How I built it

I used Vuforia and Unity for the AR application, as well as echoAR for the QR code links. I used Google Colab (part of the Google Cloud suite) and the Plotly library for Python to generate the visualizations used in the demo. I used basic HTML and CSS for the website (registered with Domain.com).

Challenges we ran into

I had hoped to fully integrate a CockroachDB backend and some data from the Nessie API, but I encountered challenges with both and used a dummy data set to provide proof of concept instead.

Built With

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