We, five computer science students in different cycles within the same university, we met during the opening cyrimony to then form "The Changers" The hackathon started in the best possible conditions, each team had its location in airy and well-lit rooms, things that borrow participants comfortable to hack. For my team, we took the time to brainstorm to fix our ideas and our goals, to do that, we chose a theme, a leader, a problem, then the solution we found together. During the development of our ideas and the deployment of our solutions, a group of calified coaches was present to help us, also two different workshops were prepared to facilitate the exploitation as well as the utulisation of some tools, that two memebrs of our team have benefited from. By the end of the day, we did represent the idea of our project including the first prototype of the application in front a nice jury members.

To summarize the whole story in one word my group agreed that the experience was enriching.

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