Widespread and continuing employment discrimination against LGBT people has been documented in scientific field studies and still prevails in our society. So this let us choose the topic equity and inclusion and made us think why could we just make an application to support a discriminated community! We then thought of an idea that was just not made to showcase their talents but also to uplift them financially. So we combined an e-commerce platform where they could sell the products made by themselves. Firstly, they are given an opportunity to flourish with their talents such as singing, dancing, and drawing. Secondly, they could earn through our app by selling what theyā€™ve made. We thought we can also uplift the LGBTQ+ community by showing job opportunities that are reserved for them to support them through financial means.

šŸ’»What it does

Elevate is an end to end service-based mobile application for the LGBTQ+ community. We know how much they face in this society and their difficulties to earn a consistent daily income. This platform works for them to showcase their skills and as an e-commerce platform, they can become a self entrepreneur by selling their handmade products. This application is completely their space, giving importance to their happiness and improving talents. Also another important point in this application is the portal where they can upload their resumes for job vacancies reserved and prioritised for women and non binary people, to uplift them to the society by financially aiding through job.

šŸ”ØHow we built it

We used Figma for designing and prototyping the app. Along with the design, we used React Native to create the app and used Firebase Firestore for the database and authentication.

šŸ§ Challenges we ran into

We were a small team, lacking basic major skills, but we survived by learning skills within a short span of time. Difference in our time zones was also one of the issues we faced, however we aced it with our teamwork.

šŸ…Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy that we could do something to include a community often discriminated against as well as overlooked, in such a short span of time.

šŸ¤“What we learned

We learned how to work together as a team despite our time zone differences, and how to help each other with various components of our project (design, back end, and front end). A lot of us improve our skills, for example with design creating more than 1 variation of a different screen to try out different layouts, with back end fixing errors with authentication, and front end adding different and various screens and connecting them with backend.

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