Coming from strong gaming backgrounds, we have first hand experience in the verbal abuse, toxicity, and exclusion that comes with most online gaming. With this in mind, we set out to create a community of gamers brought together by the most important factor, passion for the game.

What does the name mean?

LFT is a common term used in Esports by players who are free agents and Looking for Team. With firsthand experience in high level Esports competitions from some of our team members, it seemed like a cool and relevant name for players looking for either casual or serious teammates.

What it does

LFT Ninja prompts you to choose between three games on our homepage: Dota 2, Fortnite, and League of Legends. After pressing on whichever game you choose, game specific prompts appear in order to personalize your player profile as well as identify yourself to other community members. Finally, you will be matched with other players based off of your user data.

How will I talk with my matched teammates?

We developed a Discord bot that will automatically send you and your teammates an invite link after registration. This discord can be used for communication with your specific party as well as other players and admins in the community.

How I built it

Node, express, opendota, bootstrap

Challenges I ran into

One of the main challenges we faced was implementing some sort of "account system" that would store each users information and based off of that use it in the matching process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To solve the aforementioned challenge, we decided to use the API's of each games tracking website (opendota,, and fortbuff) in order to instantly gain historical game data for each player and help in the customization of their profiles.

What I learned

You can never truly eliminate hate, but you can do your best to make it as scarce as possible.

What's next for LFT Ninja

More games! There are tons of more games with API tracking capabilities that could be easily implemented if we had more time.

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