As the world becomes more digitally connected between customers, enterprises and devices, a customer’s digital identity is the core of our digital interactions. We envision companies and governments can issue a digital identity that is interoperable and accepted by any type of requesting party’s technology through a new enterprise platform product. Moreover, customer profile attributes are shared with consideration of privacy by design as an attestation (i.e. binary yes/no response for over 21) without sharing the data itself.

What it does

  • An application that allows a service provider to scan QR codes from users in order to verify any requirements they might have (ex. a bar checking if someone entering is of legal drinking age)

How we built it

  • Made two frontends, one for the user with their unique QR code, one for the service provider to verify the qr code/user token and pull the specific information needed from the API.
  • Developed HDQL ("HDQL Data Query Language") and a parser for it to make a simple secure language for developers to create their own specific queries (like to check if someone is either above age x or below age y, or any other possibly more specific query)

Challenges we ran into

  • Developing the language & parser so that it is secure and functions as intended
  • Whether or not to use html5 WebSockets
  • Implementing QR code scanner (not enough time)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Finishing developing the language & parser so that it is secure and functions as intended

What we learned

  • New skills for some of us (node.js, javascript, css, solidity, etc.)
  • How useful something like this digital identifier would be

What's next for SecurID?

  • Continue developing prototype
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