We, as college students, are everyday facing the problem of having to text lots of people in order to ask them to go to the dining hall together, and we are all feeling that we might annoy the other person. In the times of COVID-19, local restaurants are economically suffering as more and more people opt to cook their own meals. However, Lezeat is the solution! With the Lezeat you can quickly see who is able to go for a lunch, and arrange a location and time just in one click. Not only that you will be able to gain valuable friendships, but also help the growth of local restaurants community. Furthermore, we plan on integrating a “meat someone” feature, where you can grab a meal with people outside of your friend group but within your community (school/place of employment).

What we learned

During the research we found out that the restaurant industry has grown dramatically over the last few decades, going from a total sales amount of $379 billion in 2000 to $798.7 billion in 2017! Additionally, Americans have been continuing to budget more and more of their money towards eating out, which is a positive for Lezeat. Various fast-food restaurants such as Chipotle and McDonald’s posted 10% and 5.7% growth in sales in Q2 of 2019. Furthermore, we further developed our teamwork and programming skills.

How did we build?

After brainstorming various ideas, we got to the work and divided ourselves into the groups. Not only that we finished whole prototype in Figma and wrote Software Requirements Specification on Overleaf, but we also have coded a big chunk of the application in React Native and Node.js . Furthermore, we built the logo, explored the market, and potential competitors.

Challenges we faced

Filtering out the ideas

Built With

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