Most of the universities and colleges today, are marketing themselves to attract prospective students by offering distinctive courses and perks / amenities like laptops, iPad, housing, recreational opportunities and coupons etc. These amenities may help universities or colleges to attract more domestic and international students. All these are done through digital marketing, print media, social media or mainstream media etc.

Prospective students looking at these advertisements who reach the website of the university might not be able to find all the required information. Also, it would be time consuming to search for specific details and find what exactly what they are looking for. Eventually, he/she would leave the website without much information.

All these marketing strategies are just one-sided and have no active interaction between the prospective student and the university to give more clarity on specific things which a student might look for. There might be chances that the prospective student who visits the website would leave without getting required information. This is the point where a university loses its prospective lead.

OneOrigin's Lex SIA Artificial Intelligence application built on IOS, enables the app not only interactive but also a student prospect generation tool. Our solution responds and enhances the interaction with prospective student around specific details, qualify their sentiment, interest and intent, and then automatically transfer the information along with the detailed interaction statistics to the relevant person or tools like CRM. University staff can advertise themselves by sending offers through push notifications to the students.

The demo application will listen and understand the questions, responds back with the appropriate answers. The application doesn’t pass any statistics back to the CRM or push notification but can be implemented.

Problem It Solves

Faster assistance to prospective students for the information they are looking for, understand their interest and help the university marketing team with a platform to reach out to ghost visitors.


Our solution is a unified framework that utilizes the core skills of Amazon Lex to provide real time assistance and guidance to prospective students who are interested to pursue their further education at the university. In addition to course related information, our solution also intends to solve a major puzzle in the Education industry around providing future job prospects for the interested major.

Our solution connects to the university website, database through web services / API, understands the intent of a prospective student and guide him with relevant information including assisting them to apply for a specific course, does real-time crawling on renowned sites and process the data through proprietary algorithms, to provide job-related information for a specific domain.

About Us

OneOrigin is an Arizona incorporated technology firm, with its country headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. Focused on Innovation and Customer Success, OneOrigin serves its customers with a full range of Consultative, Client-Centric Technology Solutions around Cognitive Computing, Enterprise Mobility & Digital Content Management and Information Security.

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