Inspiration I am a cofounder of a Virtual Reality and Agumented Reality company called Sight Scapers. We create Virtual content for Museum Dinosaur exhibits.

What it does This will allow someone visiting a Museum exhibit and interact with a AI. The AI will answer questions and see what the user is looking at for further assistance in understanding the exhibit. The entire experience will take place is Virtual and Agumented Reality the Users smart phone.

How I built it The Virtual Reality will be created using Unity 3d in C#. Lex will be able to communicate with the VR device via a remote chat server build using a NodeJS chat server hosted on Azure.

Challenges Figuring out how to replay the commands from Lex to the Virtual Device. The solution was to use a 3rd party relay chat application located on Azure.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of Getting this whole thing to work. It wasn't easy.

What I learned How to create a generic messaging relay system from Lex to any device that know SocketIO.

What's next for Virtual Reality Dinosaur Museum Assistant Getting this to work in a multiple chat rooms and allow for communication between devices and LEX bots .

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