Most lawyers are not tech-savvy. Even though there are great solutions for case management out there, the majority of practices are not using them. The problem is that lawyers are not willing to change their workflow.

What it does

Our solution integrates with the typical lawyer's workflow, meaning it lives entirely inside Outlook. By parsing all emails we manage to automatically categorize documents, events, relationships and other data by case, without requiring the lawyer to manually input any data. By surfacing the relevant context to every email we typically save more than 20% of time spent on administrative tasks.

How we built it

We ingest all emails via IMAP and process them with a data pipeline before they hit the lawyer's inbox. The Outlook add-in as well as the web interface connect to this data through a REST API.

Challenges we ran into

The client-attorney privilege inhibits the easy disclosure of data sets for the training of machine learning algorithms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Through customer interviews and continuous iteration we managed to come up with a scalable business model that satisfies the client's needs and overcomes their fear of adopting new workflows and technologies.

What we learned

Outside of the developer ecosystem there are still many areas of business that haven't embraced automation and digitalization.

What's next for lexpert

To commercialize our solution we plan on entering a partnership with a law firm to get access to real case data and gear our solution to real world customer needs.

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