We don't just live in a visual world anymore. We live in a world where we have to use all our senses: audio being the most prevalent sense.

What it does

Lexi is a product of seven routines, intricately built into one Alexa Skill. These routines include Texting, Workout, Weather, Alarm, Todo list, Timer, News.

How we built it

As of right now, we have texting completed implemented and workout partially implemented. We have completed writing code for weather and are working towards implementing the remaining routines. To build all these routines, we have and will continue using Node.js and AWS.

Challenges we ran into

Time was definitely our biggest foe. Furthermore, our inexperience with the technology affected our ability to work efficiently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of having a deeper understanding of AWS and Node.js and having successfully implemented the Twilio API to create a fully functional texting supplement for Alexa.

What we learned

In terms of technical skills, we learned how to work efficiently with Node.js and AWS, implementing Lambda and the various functions and handlers that accompany an Alexa Skill. In terms of non-technical skills, we learned how to individually contribute our own insight to the team and helped encourage others in doing the same. This helped push the whole project forward and we will continue to build upon these skills.

What's next for Lexi

Lexi is divided into seven stages: one stage per aforementioned routine. As of right now, we have finished Stage 1. We plan on completing the remaining 6 stages over the course of the next couple weeks as an independent project.

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