Everyone has experienced difficulties in learning due to COVID, and while thinking about this we realized that there are many children out there with learning disorders who have limited access to adequate opportunities and material that is tailored to their needs.

What it does

Lexi culminates together research about dyslexia and applies it to a fun and engaging app that allows children to learn to read through visual and interactive learning.

How I built it

We first researched over the topics of how dyslexia affected the children and what would be the best way to teach the children. We then started off with React app skeleton and built it step by step from how the children would like to experience it. We started with the home page that focuses on the stories of our hero. We then used animations to show that story and display key words for them to learn.

Challenges I ran into

Creating a story that would make sense to these children and designing a UI for these children without having any experience on how to design for children with learning disabilities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the app and having a concrete plan for the future of it.

What I learned

We learned more about designing for those with learning disabilities and how to incorporate animations in react apps.

What's next for Lexi

We have several functionalities that we wish to add to the app and then we plan on releasing it to the public.

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