English is hard. Vocabulary is even harder. Trust us, from hours after hours spent on doing MCQs, we know. Looking at how Kahoot and Merriam-Webster's quiz-based designs and Duolinguo's friendly user interface motivate others to work harder, we thought to ourselves: "Maybe there is another way to incentivize ourselves to learning English after all..."

What it does

The short version is: it is a quiz.

The long version is: Lexi uses data fetched from Dictionaries' API to make our quizzes accurate, our definitions solid, and designed in a way such that our users can be motivated to keep learning, and is sure to aid English learners worldwide in their quest of mastering the language!

How we built it

Starting out as a simple Next App that has only the bare skeleton and logic to handle user's answers, we have reworked it over and over, iterate through many landing page designs and the general look and feel of the website, adjusting and tweaking the server - all to make a truly functional and beautiful web app.


No greatness comes without hardship. In Lexi's case, it was the hours spent on reworking the UI to make everything look nice and user-friendly for both desktop and mobile users, the sleepless nights getting the server and databases up, the bug-fixing sessions that lasted too deep into the night... it was all of that - our blood, sweat, and tears shed to make a working product.


Our greatest obstacles gave rise to our proudest achievements. The UI is now to our taste - subtle, gentle, and appealing, our databases are running like clockwork, and Lexi has truly grown into a beautiful lady... Thinking of our disagreements over the design and making our product look nice, we are proudest of our teamwork - everything it took to make our project perfect.

Lessons for us

Over the course of this hackathon, the knowledge we gained grew beyond our knowledge of JS and its framework: we learned to collaborate, design, and learn how to make products that will (hopefully) inspire everyone in their path to education.

Lexi's future

Well, with everything said and done, we will keep expanding Lexi's lexis and implement machine learning to predict each learner's ability and tailor it to the user - like a well-made suit.

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